Sunday, 4 August 2013

Domain Change and More Features

We had a slight change to the domain name and so many of you may even have missed it. It now is easier to reach to this domain, if you're used to clicking Ctrl and enter when putting a dot com URL. We had some requests from different people for this and it is done now. As you can see, we would love to hear from our visitors and we will make changes based on their request.
We still wanted to get more exposure in Canada within search engines. We went to our Google's webmaster tools and added Canada as our targeted country. If you do not know what Google Webmaster Tools is, we highly recommend you to learn about it. You may not have an online business just yet, but this can even gives you ideas.
For example, you can tell Google what pages you want them to have it in their index and what pages you want them to have removed from it. One can add a sitemap too and show them all the important URLs and you can tell them how often such URLs do get changed. Any how, it is a lot of fun playing with their menu.
We still look forward to hear more feedback from all Canadians and we hope we can bring what's expected from us for everyone. We sure can do this with our visitors help and with our team dedications.