Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Site Monitoring System

The Maple Classifieds is still a newer site, but we have seen a rapid increase in its traffic. We almost have doubled our traffic from the month before. As traffic gets increased, so does spams and other unwanted posts.
We have implmented newer and more sophistacated anti spam systems through the site. What we don't like about the internet world is that spammers progress is quite good as well. They always find new ways to tackle the other systems. Nevertheless, we always do our best to have the best methods in as a filter.
We can't really give too much detail over here as this detail might be get abused by some of the spammers out there. We still want you to report any ads that you may think they are inappropiate. The reports would also send us a good signal on what can be good and what can be bad.
Other than this, the site is bug free as far as we can tell. The site is being tested on different browsers on regular basis and they all seem to be showing fine.
This was it for now, Go Canada Go!