Wednesday, 1 May 2013

2013 Updates on This Canadian Classifieds

Our team does its best to keep this classifieds as Canadian as possible. We may actually start posting hockey scores here eh!
Let us know how we can make this site more Canadian than what it is right now. We would love to hear from you all and we we may actually implement your suggestions through the site. I mean we already have the Maple in the domain and we have its images all over our site and Logo. But, I think there is always more room to improve.
One suggestion we had was to add more cities from across the country. We now have almost all the major cities covered. Let us know if we are missing any of them. We of course have all the provinces and territories. We may actually ad the particular sections to the site.
As for the categories, we did our best to cover each and every service and product out there. We still want to keep the site PG13. So, please also let us know, if we are missing some of the important categories.
We hope we can gain some more exposure in year 2013 and we would keep the free ad posting option for as long as we can.